Isaiah 40:31
RAISING up a GENERATION of World Changers that will leave a MARK that can NEVER be ERASED

Our Location

Eagle Point Christian Academy is located in beautiful Wilmington, N.C. also known as “The Port City”. Established in 1739, this port city has survived the ravages of war from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and WWII, standing free, architecture and historical indicators intact, and thriving today

During the 1800s, cotton was king and so was Wilmington’s port. Home to some of the largest and most active cotton export companies in the world, Wilmington grew its reputation both abroad and domestically. Due to the city’s strategic location, cotton was not the only good passing through the port. During the Civil War, Wilmington served as the access point for a significant bulk of Confederate supplies, including clothing, munitions, and food. The Rebel forces’ supplies were cut after blockade runners could no longer pass through the Union line of defense. In 1865, the Confederacy lost its foothold as Fort Fisher fell to its demise, leading to Union control over the city.

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is a reminder of Wilmington’s role in WWII. Credited with 15 battle stars, this ship honors more than 10,000 North Carolina men and women who died defending America’s freedom. Wilmington also helped support the war by building and delivering 243 ships to the Allied war effort, and was home to a POW camp and one of the country’s oldest remaining USO buildings.

Eagle Point Christian Academy is proud to part of this historical location. Stop by and visit our school today.

Note: Information on Wilmington is from Wilmington & Beaches