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Top 5 Questions

New To Eagle Point? Welcome!  Here is our top “frequently asked questions”:

  1. What is your average class size?
    1. We limit our class sizes to 16 students to ensure the best possible environment for each student.  This allows for one-on-one attention, a quiet learning environment, and the ability for each student to learn at their fullest potential.
  2. Do you have electives? Are they included with tuition?
    1. Yes!  Every afternoon, there is an elective period based on the day.  Art, drama, keyboarding, physical education and home economics are just a few of the electives that are offered throughout the year.  These classes are also included with each student’s tuition.
  3. Where is the new Leland location going to be located?
    1. We are prayerfully considering locations and have it narrowed down to 2 properties.  Both are located in the city of Leland.  As soon as the decision is made, we will make an announcement on our website and Facebook page.
  4. Will there be an information meeting regarding the new school?
    1. Yes!  We are excited to meet interested families and staff and answer any questions you may have.  Registration packets will also be available during this time.  The date and location for this event will be announced very soon!
  5. Where can I find the tuition cost?
    1. On our website!  Click the tuition tab to view tuition costs.  Please contact kimkiddepca@gmail.com with any questions.


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